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More features

  • Wi-Fi N 150 Mbps
  • MicroSDXC™ expandable up to 64 GB
  • Battery capacity 10500 mAh


Technical details
Number of colours 24-bit 16.7 M
Storage capacity 16 GB
Colour of product Black
Processor clock speed Dual-core 1608 MHz
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Pre-installed apps

Comes with the following preinstalled apps:

  • Alarm clock
  • Web browser
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Photo-/Video camera
  • Downloads
  • FBReader (E-book Reader)
  • Email
  • ES File Explorer (file manager)
  • MobiSoft Office Suite (Office and PDF document viewer)
  • Music player
  • Photo gallery
  • Video player
  • Google Play Store (application market)
  • Voice recorder

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The WiFi connection stops during installation randomly, and then reconnects.

    Try to disable the continuous scanning for new WiFi networks. You can find this option through the settings menu.

    Wi-Fi Analyzer
    There is a very handy and free tool available in the Play Store, called Wi-Fi Analyzer.

    This app will show you all nearby Wi-Fi networks (e.g. the ones from your neighbours) with additional information, and also suggests you, judging on all the other Wi-Fi networks on air, what channel is best to use for you.

    Once you have set that 'best to use channel' in your router, go ahead and check if you experience an improved Wi-Fi stability.

    Channel Setup
    Always check what Wi-Fi transmitting channel your router is using.

    Most often the default channel as set by manufacturers is "auto" (automatic), this usually being something in between channel 6 and channel 9.
    When you are in an area with more Wi-Fi networks (read: pretty much all scenarios), it's possible that the Wi-Fi transmitting channel is conflicting with the others, causing signal interference/corruption.
    In your router's configuration panel (please refer to the user manual of your router for information to access that configuration panel) you can set your Wi-Fi channel.

  • The battery of the tablet quickly goes flat, even or especially after non-use

    The Android OS has an application called "suspendproces" which is always running in the background and in some cases can use the CPU up to 50% -60%.
    The problem is that it also happens in standby mode, resulting in a continuous drain from the battery.

    Set the "Screen Timeout" in the "View" menu setting to "Never turn off". It sets suspensproces off and stays off.
    As a result, the screen and the backlight do not turn off automatically by inactivity, but you can simply explain to the end-user that almost everyone, after using the tablet the ON / OFF button must be pressed to enter the standby mode.

    FYI: There are several Android devices where this problem occurs involuntarily, including smartphones such as HTC. It shows a combination of software and hardware, and also appears in the recent Android version 3.x

    Extra battery saving tips:
    Do not set the screen brightness to the maximum. 

    Turn off automatic Wi-Fi scan. The tablet is by default constantly searching for new wireless networks: Settings - Wireless & networking - Wi-Fi settings - uncheck Network notification. 

    First use the tablet with the load that is currently present in the battery. Only when the battery is empty, then perform a first time full charge. This is the better for the battery life and performance. The optimal capacity of the battery reach you after a few cycles of full discharge and recharge.

  • Bluetooth is not working

    There is a misprint in the manual of the 13.3" tablet. This tablet does not have a bluetooth module and therefor you cannot make any bluetooth connections.


Drivers & Firmware

    No Drivers & Firmware found for this product


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